Determining Child Custody Is a Difficult Process

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Issues of child custody and child support need to be addressed with a qualified attorney. A. David Zerivitz, will stand by your side in court as you fight for the custody and child support you deserve. In Maryland, there are several different types of child custody. All of these are court-ordered, and you'll need to work with an attorney to pursue them.

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Seeking custody of your child?

Seeking custody of your child?

There are a few different types of child custody. When you seek out custody of your child after a divorce, it's important to know what type of custody you're pursuing. Here are some of the most common types of child custody:

  • Temporary custody gives you custody over your child(ren) for a limited period of time until a final order is granted.
  • Sole custody gives you legal custody to make decisions regarding health, education, and religion of your child(ren) without prior consultation with the other parent.
  • Joint custody gives you and the other parent shared access to your child(ren) according to a fixed schedule, and requires you and the other parent to work together to make decisions regarding the child's life and welfare. 

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